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Men of "Valley Apple Industry" circa 1920's

2013 - Events and Updates

Monday, May 13, 2013 - The Berwick Apple Capital Society will hold a regular meeting at 7:00 pm in the Family Room at the Berwick School. Everyone is welcome to attend.

May 22 2013 - The Berwick Apple Capital Museum Society is pleased to announce that Dr. Julian Gwyn will be the guest speaker for the 2013 annual general meeting .... see Events Page for more.

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The Register, Berwick, NS
November 2nd 1898

The Apple Trade:

The Halifax Herald of the 27th has the following: -

Wolfville, Oct. 26th. - The Free Trade has taken another cargo of apples to Boston, to be transhipped to England, the freight by this route being 25 cents less than by Halifax, but the fruit is under the disadvantage of arriving at Liverpool instead of London.

Here is food for thought. A colony of Great Britain, with subsidized railways and steamers - nearer England than Boston, and yet apples can be shipped from there cheaper than here. What's the matter with Halifax? It doesn't need an elevator to load apples. What's the matter with the D.A.R., are they getting all the work they want at better prices? Something must be out of joint - as the darkey preacher said, "Dar's a great moral lesson lying round heah somewhar!" - Windsor Tribune.

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